Colorado Springs Forward Open Letter

Hundreds of citizens are already supporting the vision, mission and goals of Colorado Springs Forward. You can lend your support by signing the Open Letter.


Get to know Colorado Springs Forward


Colorado Springs Forward is a broad-based alliance of people and organizations that care deeply and are committed to the success of the Pikes Peak region. Our individual members and member organizations have demonstrated a profound interest in all aspects of our community. We pledge an ongoing investment of time, energy and resources to protect and enhance the business climate and the quality of life across the greater Colorado Springs region so that we may all enjoy a dynamic and vibrant community that we are proud to call home. That’s not all, though. Find out more about CSF »

November 2016 Ballot

VOTE NO on Amendment 69 - Colorado Care and Tax Increase 

VOTE NO on Amendment 70 - The Minimum Wage Increase

VOTE YES on Amendment 71 - Raise the Bar - Protect our Constitution

Helpful Links:

Coloradans for Coloradans Amendment 69  Click HERE to learn more.





Our Vision and Mission

VISION: To re-establish Colorado Springs as the most inviting and respected city in which to live, work and play.

MISSION: Colorado Springs Forward will unite the citizens, communities and organizations of the Pikes Peak region to educate, collaborate and coordinate so that, together, we can effectively address the challenges and opportunities faced by our region. With a sense of urgency, we will lead with words and actions so that together we can reach our full potential and an excellent quality of life. Read more »

We need your help.